Senior Regional Pairings now posted:

Cowans Ford CC - Day 1 
Pairings Report by Starting Holes 
PlayerFlightTee Box
Cauthen, DavidChampWhite
Hodges, MarkChampWhite
Martinez, MartyChampWhite
Smith, TimChampWhite
Floyd, ChuckChampWhite
Hovis, ScottChampWhite
Sennett, JerryChampWhite
White, AnthonyChampWhite
Branham, JamieAWhite
Dail, BobAWhite
Gaston, RandallAWhite
Johnson, RichardAWhite
Adams, JohnnyAWhite
Murrow, AndyAWhite
Rice, RoryAWhite
Tarwater, TroyAWhite
Ohrn, DavidAWhite
Glenn, VictorAWhite
Fishback, KenAWhite
Sailors, alanAWhite
Moffett, JohnnyAWhite
Pritt, DonnieAWhite
Morris, MarkAWhite
Ide, ScottAWhite
Phillips, BillAWhite
Seifert, TomAWhite
Anthony, DanAWhite
Cousar, MarkAWhite
Cauthen, BillyAWhite
Gantt, BruceAWhite
Kinley, WayneAWhite
Small, ArchieAWhite
Bunn, BrianAWhite
Elenz, NolanAWhite
Gray, KenAWhite
Perry, AndyAWhite
Boyd, WillieAWhite
Gurevitch, GusAWhite
Safford, JeffreyAWhite
Williams, StuartAWhite
PlayerFlightTee Box
Cannatti, JoeBWhite/Gold
Gaines, BrianBWhite/Gold
Lawrence, VicBWhite/Gold
Mobley, CharlesBWhite/Gold
Pareso, JohnBWhite/Gold
Williams, SteveBWhite/Gold
Belcher, ChrisBWhite/Gold
Fagala, JohnBWhite/Gold
Hough, BryanBWhite/Gold
Kuehl, DickBWhite/Gold
Roberts, SteveBWhite/Gold
Wallace, MikeBWhite/Gold
Stanfield, BillyBWhite/Gold
Pearson, JohnBWhite/Gold
Nairn, JimBWhite/Gold
Lane, AndyBWhite/Gold
Maitland, LarryBWhite/Gold
McDonald, RussellBWhite/Gold
Niven, MalcolmBWhite/Gold
Newman, ChuckBWhite/Gold
Surratt, RobertBWhite/Gold
Heath, RudiBWhite/Gold
Alford, GusBWhite/Gold
Byrd, KelvinBWhite/Gold
Mines, CharlesBWhite/Gold
Rinaldi, JohnBWhite/Gold
Janotha, DavidCWhite/Gold
Reynolds, ScottCWhite/Gold
James, TJCWhite/Gold
Kline, JohnCWhite/Gold
Mayor, SindoCWhite/Gold
Nun, TomCWhite/Gold
Bullock, ThomasCWhite/Gold
Garver, RandyCWhite/Gold
James, MartyCWhite/Gold
McPherson, JamesCWhite/Gold
OBrien, TonyCWhite/Gold
Myers, MikeCWhite/Gold
Sullivan, JimmyCWhite/Gold
Allen, MichaelCWhite/Gold
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Cowans Ford CC - Day 1 
Pairings Report by Starting Holes 
PlayerFlightTee Box
Chapman, JimCWhite/Gold
Hoogeveen, JerryCWhite/Gold
Keddie, DanCWhite/Gold
White, KenCWhite/Gold
Wilson, WalterCWhite/Gold
York, JerryCWhite/Gold
Douglas, CooterCWhite/Gold
Conrad, TomCWhite/Gold
Divis, JohnCWhite/Gold
Hinson, LarryCWhite/Gold
Johnson, SherrillCRed
Lepage, KevinCWhite/Gold
Mills, TimCWhite/Gold
Nivens, GaryCWhite/Gold
Potter, BobCWhite/Gold
Shannon, PatrickCWhite/Gold
Shackleford, DallasCWhite/Gold
Strickland, MikeCWhite/Gold
Dixon, CharlesDWhite/Gold
Gough, SteveDWhite/Gold
Merchant, GeneDWhite/Gold
Williams, RatDWhite/Gold
Hill, JamieDWhite/Gold
Levin, JoeDWhite/Gold
Martinez, PattinaDRed
Skender, SkitchDWhite/Gold
Young, DonDWhite/Gold
Bryant, GerardDWhite/Gold
Cefalo, MikeDWhite/Gold
Fox, JamesDWhite/Gold
Scott, GreggDWhite/Gold
Wicker, JoanDRed
Keistler, JimDWhite/Gold
Dyvig, MarkDWhite/Gold
Taylor, AlanDWhite/Gold
Cash, DanielDWhite/Gold
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 Sunday and Monday, August 14th and 15th @ Cowans Ford Country Club and The Peninsula Club. 2:00 Shotgun on Sunday and 11:00 AM Shotgun on Monday

 $20 for individual Flight Skins pots.

$20 for Super Skins (all flights combined)
$10 Closest to Pin
         $50 total if in everything. You may also pay skins games by Venmo or Zelle!              
Stand up to Cancer 50/50 raffle $5 per ticket. 3 for $10, or 10 for $20

Cowans Ford Tees:

Champ/A Flights - White Tees (6235 Yds)
B/C/D Flights - White/Gold tees (5802 Yds)
Women Champ/A - White/Gold Tees (5802 Yds)
Women B/C/D - Red Tees (5016 Yds)

Peninsula Club Tees:

Champ/A Flights - Black/White Tees (6133 Yds)
B/C/D Flights - White tees (5945 Yds)
Women Champ/A - White Tees (5945 Yds)
Women B/C/D - Red Tees (5044 Yds)

Next Local event: Ivestor Jackson/Christies International Classic at Ballantyne CC

August 22nd 11:00 AM shotgun


Tournament Format:

There will be individual flight payouts (as usual) for Golfweek AND senior players. Skins pot and CTP will be combined. Top 2 scores from each flight will count towards Team tournament. Trophies will be given to all players on winning team!


Gaston CC August 1st:






$150 - Jimmy Chapman

If you have questions about how all the elements of the tour operate please click on the Tour Manual button and print it out to answer all your questions about the tour

Live Score: will be used at all tournaments.  Most of you have experienced using this system either at last year locally or in the National Championship.  The system keeps you appraised not only where you are in the tournament but also if your skins are holding up. (Instructions on how to load this and how to use it will be sent in another email and posted on the Charlotte web page)

Skins Game adds Super Skins Pot and Pins game:  Any of you who have ever played a Golfweek event know what this is but for those of you who have not here is the explanation.  Super Skins pot includes all flights in one group pot.  As just like the flight skins game this is an optional bet.  One rule is to be in Super Skins you must also be in your flights skins game no exceptions.

1.   Side Skins Games.  These are all optional paid cash at the course.
2.  Flight Skins Games (only eligible for one depending on flight)
3.  Champ and A Flights combined ($10 entry) 
4.  B, C, and D Flights combined ($10 entry)
5.  Super Skins Game All Flights combined ($10 entry)
6. Closest to the Pin ($5 entry) all flights. The pins game will be added to the optional Skins Games mentioned above.  All Pins Game money collected is divided equally between the 4 par 3's on the course (if there are 5, one will be eliminated) and will represent the cash that will be eligible to be won.  Each Closest to the Pin will win the cash prize.

2022 Tournamen
t Yardages:

Champ & A flight:   6000-6200 yards

B & C flight:             5800-6000 yards

D Flight:                   5500-5800 yards

2022 MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES: 1-Year Tour Membership Tour Goodie Bag with logo hat and golf shirt and the ability to play on any Senior Amateur Tour event Nationwide.


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