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2024 Michigan Schedule

Tournaments in red are regional events  Tournaments in blue are double point events
4/28/24Bucks Run GC11:00
Straight Tee
 $120 Bucks Run GCRegisterRosterResults
4/29/24Travis Pointe CC10:00
 $130 Travis Pointe CCRegisterRosterResults
5/5/24American Dunes Golf Club11:30
Straight Tee
 $145 American Dunes Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
5/6/24Shepherds Hollow10:00
Straight Tee
 $120 Shepherds HollowRegisterRosterResults
5/19/24The Fortress11:00
Straight Tee
 $115 The FortressRegisterRosterResults
6/1/24The Nightmare GC11:00
Straight Tee
 $195 The Nightmare GCRegisterRosterResults
6/2/24The Dream GC9:30
Straight Tee
 $ The Dream GC    Results
6/9/24Flint Golf Club1:00
Straight Tee
 $115 Flint Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
6/23/24Thornapple Pointe10:03
Straight Tee
 $120 Thornapple PointeRegisterRosterResults
6/29/24Eagle Eye12:00
Straight Tee
 $270 Eagle EyeRegisterRosterResults
6/30/24Eagle Eye12:00
Straight Tee
 $ Eagle Eye    Results
7/7/24SugarBush GC11:30
Straight Tee
 $105 SugarBush GCRegisterRosterResults
7/20/24Orchards GC11:00
Straight Tee
 $130 Orchards GCRegisterRosterResults
7/28/24Pilgrims Run GC12:00
Straight Tee
 $140 Pilgrims Run GCRegisterRosterResults
8/3/24Eagle Crest GC10:00
Straight Tee
 $135 Eagle Crest GCRegisterRosterResults
8/11/24Angels Crossing11:00
Straight Tee
 $100 Angels CrossingRegisterRosterResults
8/18/24Stoatin Brae GC10:30
Straight Tee
 $120 Stoatin Brae GCRegisterRosterResults
9/7/24Huntmore GC12:00
Straight Tee
 $100 Huntmore GCRegisterRosterResults
9/15/24Timber Trace GC10:00
Straight Tee
 $110 Timber Trace GCRegisterRosterResults
9/22/24HawksHead Links11:00
Straight Tee
 $110 HawksHead LinksRegisterRosterResults
9/29/24StoneBridge Golf Club12:00
Straight Tee
 $110 StoneBridge Golf ClubRegisterRosterResults
9/30/24Oakhurst Golf & Country Club10:00
Straight Tee
 $110 Oakhurst Golf & Country ClubRegisterRosterResults